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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

New Year...New Beginnins...

Well would you adam n eve it as thay say in the South....January is nearly over - Happy New Year to youz all....hope it is a good one for you all...I've been rushed off me cankles as per - some great news regarding the Katy Holmes Trust too - we are organising the first ever North West Pride Awards in November 2015 it's going to be BIG - find out more on the website - 

So....Slebritee Big Brother is back with a Bang - literally - Lee has certainly brort the words of Blue's famus song to life.... 'All Rise' and heez been risin at every opporchoonity wiv the gerls in the house....well not all of them....Linda had a lucky eskaype! Her and Jim Davidscum have been at it hammer n tongs....Ollie looks lost most of the time.....I karnt understand a word he says.....He's got more plumbs in his mouth than Katie Price has had!! That's sayin sumthin!! Talkin lookin lost - Lionel Blair....WTF! It wasn't until he left the house he realised he wasn't in the Jungle in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! He was heard asking 'Where's Ant N Dec' Bless - I got me call from the team at Endemol....and before you know it I'm askin Lionel a question on eviction night! You can tell by this pic it wasn't yer usual kwezzie! Poor Rylan - 
Here's the link to the show n me kwestyon

Spent some time in Londin this week....had a meeting with some lovely peeps at ITV....I woke up an opened me komplimentree kertins and if you look beyond Nelson Mandella house you can see the ITV towers.....I wondered if me lovely Leanne could see me n wave....av a look - 

Managed to fill me bag wiv some komplimentree towels, lecky fire an a new doovay....sadly the komplimentree kertins were only a 60' drop.....bugger.....anyways that's me up to date....I got the Virjin Pedallo back to Liverpool an ad a few medisinul bevvies....perfect end to a perfect thing I forgot to mention.....I was taken up the Groucho!!! Ded posh there....not a prawn ring or box of Lambrini in site....saw a couple of faces I recognised....Rusty Lee was in there signin a new contract with Wincy Willis was pushin her new jumper range too.....Rite....catch yerz later.... Bev XXXX