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Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to youz all....this is me sort of Queen's speech. Hoping her majesty hasn't had an Anus Horriblus (that's posh for an arsehole of a year). 

I've bin ded bizzy this year, more resentlee switchin on Christmas Lights around the Wirral. This took a lot of time training to get it just right, slebritees spend months practising. Here's me at a training seshon.

On a serius note a big thanks to all those who asked me to do the honor for them. Really enjoyed it. Even opened an icing rink with his Lord Worshipfullness Holy Mayor Les Rowlands. He's got the horn for me, he can't get enuff of me Far Lar (perfume)...he knows how to treat a lady. We woz caught in a kompromizing position on the Frozen Fairy ride....we managed to blag it! I couldn't take me eyes n me hands off his chain....Id've got it down to Cash Converters quick as wink if we didn't have to get on with cuttin the ribbon!


Between you an me we do have a bit of's one of our more intimate moments.

Here we are doing the deed so to speak (wouldn't be the first time)...

It was a bizzy old day, only downside was gettin me tites caught in the Mayor's chain....don't ask!...

Having a good time with me boyz on the Breakfast Show, remember you can choon in every day from 7am on 92.1FM DAB Free App or online from anywhere in the werld

You can also catch me on Satdee nights too, 7 till midnight...

Well before I leave yerz to have me Crimbo dinner here's me having a Christmas Day gossip with some lovely slebs. Even got Aled Jones to sing 'Walking In The Air' all though the version he sang to me when we first met was 'Put Your Legs Up In The Air'....
Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year

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