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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Introducing JLS - Jose Luis Sanchez...

No...don't get too's not the group....It's the other JLS - Jose Luis Sanchez....he's me mate from SGBF Spanish Gay Best Friend....can't understand a word he says half the time but I do love or as he would say 'Lob' him.....I got him to do a ikkle video to introduce himself.....if any of you have connekshons at QVC let me's his dream to escape from Pound Paradise and get in front of the kamra......Laydees N Gentlemen I give you J L S -

Followin on from JLS's first video he's done another...he wanted to say 'Grathyarse' for the lovely comments. So here is JLS 2 - The Revenge!

Adios Cheekas!