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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year!
As I type me New Year Show is going out to the Wirral, North West and North Wales. Still sort of Christmas isn't it...I won't take me deckys down till the last minute. Can't bare those who whip them down day after crimbo....I ad a good night...had a new outfit to into me leather skirt...won't tell you the size but even Twiggy would've struggled to get into it! Here it is

I'm all printed up and ready to rock and roll...I had to add a little something this year....I'm sick of hearin all the fellas sayin how garjus Kim Kardashian is with her fat me bein the slimmer lady thought I'd add a bit of padding to give me the Kardash Ass....It worked, stutterin Stan is back from Afghanistan and he stuttered his way through a compliment...


Rockin the Kardash Ass...
Back at work tomorrow at Pound Paradise, I've made a new year resolushun too...I'm gonna try n be nice to customers....If me sign is up 'One Item Or Else' an a customer has 2 items I'm gonna let them thru.....I'm goin soft in me old age!
Happy New Year to all of you, thank you for reading and supporting. Hope it's a healthy, happy and prosp...propser...ded good one for youz all.
Beverly Macca CBA