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Friday, 14 April 2017

Sniff My Far La

Men are going wild for my Far La....

Forget J Lo, Britnee, Taylor Swift or Arry Anna Grandee....There's only one thing you want to smell of this summer.... Bev's Far La....There's nothing like it out go wild for my Far La. Spoil yerself today! 


It's A Wrap

It's a wrap, series 4 of Crafty Beggars In The House is in the can....or whatever the telly folk say. What a series it is too. Big thanks to the Crafty Ladies Wendy Turner Webster and Julie Peasgood, who kindly invited me back. It was great to meet Nigel and Zahra too, thanks to Zahra for doing me eye make up. Me eye has just reopened after being glued together for a week! 

The journey started as it always does, onboard the Virgin Pedallo to London. Me thong was cuttin into me so I kicked it off and enjoyed a voddy n tonic. The train manager couldn't take his eyes off me intimayte wear! It's such a great service, only takes just over 2hrs and yer in London. Thanks to Nadeem on the return journey who really looked after me, as did the Twitter @virgintrains team. 

Arrived at Turner Webster Affluent Towers early evening. That doorbell is still the same - 

Gary opened the door in a pair of court shoes and a roll on gurdle. 'Dhaaaaling, it's for my art' he said. He's not been the same since working with Stephanie Beecham (heiress to the Beecham Powders empire). He reeked of Charlie (the perfume, not the class A) Wendy's favourite perfume. I made me way up to the Minder Suite to get me leggins on. Wendy arrived home soon after thank the sweet baby yazu....I was self harmin listenin to Gary singin songs from the musicals, don't ask. After a few wines and some vegan burgers which were like chewin on an old flip flop, I made me excuses and headed to bed to have a chomp on the leg of lamb I'd managed to sneak in to TWAT. It's the personal tutches I like at TWAT, Wendy always puts me fave bedding on! I think she sees me when she's makin the bed with this beddin. Could be me in the picture!

It was an early call for our filming in Surrey the next day so sleep was important. It was all goin so well until....I felt a sharp jab in me back and the words 'I could be so good for you'....Yes, Gary's night walks had returned....before you could say George Cole I'd shuved him back into bed, Wendy was snoring to the Crafty Beggars theme tune with an empty bottle of night nurse by the side of the bed. Time to sleep! I was woked up by the 04.46 BA028 coming into land at Heathrow. That was me awake then until our taxi arrived.
Now there's another story, all of a sudden the word 'Taxi' has been removed from the cockernee language. It's all about the 'Ooh Ber' now! I was glad to get back up North to get into a TAXI not a friggin Ooh Ber!
After a scary ride in the 'Ooh Ber' we arrived in Surrey. You could smell the wealth! This was to be me home for the day. 

We were all setting up when next minute we could hear.... 'Welcome to the cruise channel with me Julie Peasgood'....she'd only jumped in the dinghy and was floatin round the pool thinkin she's back onboard the HMS Carnival doin a show! Gave her a pommygranite n pot pouri herbal tea and she was fine! I was excited to see sex on legs James the cameraman, he can't take his eyes off me rack....and I'm not talkin sticky barbecue ones either! I pretend I can't get me mic box on, it's the only way I could get him close to me bear arse without rohipnol. Next minute it was ACTION - 

As well as gettin me Tips....TIPS out it was time for healthy cocktails with the garjus Anneka Svenska, try sayin that name after a few cocktails. The day flew by, filming was interupted by the well known hostess whose house it was, blasting out Russ Abbot's Oh What An Atmosphere at full blast. Long story but she worked on the show....don't ask! As well as some new tips, the Lazy Loafer made a return by popular demand. 

Here's me and the girls after a long day on set, had to photoshop Wendy and Julie's cankles, they both had to go home in moon boots

That was that! A great day, good fun and exciting times ahead. Big thanks to Trevor, Andy, James and Patrick too. I took a few moments and bevvies to reflect on a wonderful day, lovely people and being thankful for the opportunity given to me. 

Thank you Wendy & Julie


Few of my favourite pics from the day....

Me neckin me cocktail.

Modelling the Lazy Loafers.

Would you like a nibble sir? Love this photo.

Julie neckin her cocktail.