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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Beginnin to look a lot like Christmas...'s not long to go.....youz will hav yer balls decked and yer tites hangin waitin for Santa to empty his sack into them....more of that later....All done at Casa Macca - sadly didn't get time to do the Christmas Evening with....that will be on the list for next year....I've put up me tree....took some work that did....I find less is to be honest...I Can't Be Arsed.... 
I've bin in great deemand lately to switch on Christmas lights too....that takes it out of yer I can tell yer....all that flickin n's me doin one of me switch ons.....
Rushed off me Cankles at Pound Paradise too....our 2013 katalog was a big hit....sold out of the toilet seat covers an ash trays within a few hours....Vicktoria Beckam ordered the seat covers for the 325 bogs at Casa Beckam.....few bits left so be's a preevew - 
I've bin bizzy makin me own deckorayshons too....I can't be doin with buyin all that stuff yer can don't get me started on Kirsty Allslops overpriced homemade Christmas.....she gets on me tits with all that ye olde shite from ye olde Chizick hi street craft's's my bewtiful prawn ring lit up an on me door....yer karnt buy klass......unless it's Myleen....she'd do anythin for a few bob..............
Then I woz thinkin what to do wiv me old vwalla.....another brillyant idea from the Bevlar....I am so gonna do a show for telly for neckst cristmas.....they'll snap up my Homemade Christmas.....well I karnt stay too me cold weather payment....well I say mine.....nudge nudge....she's not gonna miss it.....she's bin gone a few years spend....Here's me Tite Trick - 
Before I go....lookin to the New Year I've had a call from the lovely peeps at Celebrity Big Brothers Bit On The Side....askin me back to the ordience.....that will be in January....I'll let you know when.....wonder who will be in da house???? Here's me on the last series.....
Right....enuff waffle from me....catch yerz later...I'll pop up me Christmas messige soon.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Macca Meets - Bev chats to the stars...

 Well after a short break from the Airwaves I bounced back with the lovely Adam Siddorn on 7Waves radio 92.1FM - It was like we'd never been apart...You can now catch me on the first Tuesday of every month between 9-10pm Having interviewed lovely Wendi Peters, Kate Robbins and Hear'Say's Noel O Sullivan I had a good idea who I'd love to chat to...


We kicked off with a sleb interview - the Fabulous Fern Britton who was a treat to talk to...every month I hope to chat to a new household's the link to me and
 Fern Britton chatting Weds 6th November 2013


After the success of me chat with Fern Britton I decided to ask another TV favrit 
Duchess of Daybreak Lorraine Kelly
I was so chuffed when she said yes! Here's me and Lorraine having a blaether as they say in Scotland. Tues 3rd December 2013


Beverly Macca to Beverly Hills! Here's my live interview from LA with HRH of Hollywood Ross King! We had a hoot! Tues 7th January 2014 


Coming next - Bev Meets Kate Thornton. A lady who has done so much, I'll be gettin all the goss and all the news...Choon in Tues 4th Feb between 9 - 10pm


Monday, 2 December 2013

Speechless for the first time...

Gobsmacked and Speechless
Only ever won Pound Paradise Award
Today I found out I've bin nominayted for a Liverpool Lifestyle Award in the 2014 Awards
Category - Best New Entertainer
So so grateful - I feel so humbled, but happy that I can make folk smile.
If you would like to vote please click on the link and vote away!
Thank you in advance.
Beverly Macca CBA!