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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Coming in your ears - Bev's Big Night Out...

Well whod've thunk it...from Till 1 to Studio 1...
'Bev's Big Night Out'
Starts Saturday 7th Feb at 7pm on Wirral Radio
92.1FM DAB Via Free App
Or listen anywhere in the World online
It's me new show for you to choon in to as you get ready to party or to keep you company if you're staying in...Great music...hairbrush divas, bit of cheese but the emphasis on partaaaay...there be interviews, celebrity gossip and much much more...
Tell yer friends....let's make your Satdee nights something to look forward to...
Here's me in ackshon on the desk....check out me 'Cans' that's radio for headphones apparently
Hope you can join me, tell yer mates too.
Big Thanks To Wirral Radio