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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Beginnin to look a lot like Christmas...'s not long to go.....youz will hav yer balls decked and yer tites hangin waitin for Santa to empty his sack into them....more of that later....All done at Casa Macca - sadly didn't get time to do the Christmas Evening with....that will be on the list for next year....I've put up me tree....took some work that did....I find less is to be honest...I Can't Be Arsed.... 
I've bin in great deemand lately to switch on Christmas lights too....that takes it out of yer I can tell yer....all that flickin n's me doin one of me switch ons.....
Rushed off me Cankles at Pound Paradise too....our 2013 katalog was a big hit....sold out of the toilet seat covers an ash trays within a few hours....Vicktoria Beckam ordered the seat covers for the 325 bogs at Casa Beckam.....few bits left so be's a preevew - 
I've bin bizzy makin me own deckorayshons too....I can't be doin with buyin all that stuff yer can don't get me started on Kirsty Allslops overpriced homemade Christmas.....she gets on me tits with all that ye olde shite from ye olde Chizick hi street craft's's my bewtiful prawn ring lit up an on me door....yer karnt buy klass......unless it's Myleen....she'd do anythin for a few bob..............
Then I woz thinkin what to do wiv me old vwalla.....another brillyant idea from the Bevlar....I am so gonna do a show for telly for neckst cristmas.....they'll snap up my Homemade Christmas.....well I karnt stay too me cold weather payment....well I say mine.....nudge nudge....she's not gonna miss it.....she's bin gone a few years spend....Here's me Tite Trick - 
Before I go....lookin to the New Year I've had a call from the lovely peeps at Celebrity Big Brothers Bit On The Side....askin me back to the ordience.....that will be in January....I'll let you know when.....wonder who will be in da house???? Here's me on the last series.....
Right....enuff waffle from me....catch yerz later...I'll pop up me Christmas messige soon.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Macca Meets - Bev chats to the stars...

 Well after a short break from the Airwaves I bounced back with the lovely Adam Siddorn on 7Waves radio 92.1FM - It was like we'd never been apart...You can now catch me on the first Tuesday of every month between 9-10pm Having interviewed lovely Wendi Peters, Kate Robbins and Hear'Say's Noel O Sullivan I had a good idea who I'd love to chat to...


We kicked off with a sleb interview - the Fabulous Fern Britton who was a treat to talk to...every month I hope to chat to a new household's the link to me and
 Fern Britton chatting Weds 6th November 2013


After the success of me chat with Fern Britton I decided to ask another TV favrit 
Duchess of Daybreak Lorraine Kelly
I was so chuffed when she said yes! Here's me and Lorraine having a blaether as they say in Scotland. Tues 3rd December 2013


Beverly Macca to Beverly Hills! Here's my live interview from LA with HRH of Hollywood Ross King! We had a hoot! Tues 7th January 2014 


Coming next - Bev Meets Kate Thornton. A lady who has done so much, I'll be gettin all the goss and all the news...Choon in Tues 4th Feb between 9 - 10pm


Monday, 2 December 2013

Speechless for the first time...

Gobsmacked and Speechless
Only ever won Pound Paradise Award
Today I found out I've bin nominayted for a Liverpool Lifestyle Award in the 2014 Awards
Category - Best New Entertainer
So so grateful - I feel so humbled, but happy that I can make folk smile.
If you would like to vote please click on the link and vote away!
Thank you in advance.
Beverly Macca CBA!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

London, Lorraine and Loose...

Another week another first one started off on yet another Virgin Pedalo train....yep...I was off to London....I was ded lucky to be invited down to the ITV stewdios - biggest shock of all was that me thong was still there blowin in the wind....I was sure Eamonn Holmes would've ad that away, here she blows....

To top it all ahead of my interview with the lovely Lorraine Kelly, I got to sit in on the show and meet HRH Dame Lady Lorraine of the Kelly!!! She was garjus....inside an out....Now bein a nice frend I took me head gay wiv me....should be head gegger!! He gegged right in on it all....I nipped to the laydees to powder me nose ready for a foto with HRH an when I got back Lorraine had nipped off for a deep fried full Inglish (the Skots fry everythin) an they had had photos dun without me.....gutted....Can't wait to chat to the lovely laydee on the radio on Tues 3rd December on 92.1FM or between 9-10pm.....Choon in, here is me head gay and the lovely laydee.....he looks a bit too comfy there me thinks.....

It was great to meet some of the lovely peeps who work there...everyone was ded frendly an made me feel ded welcome....speshal thanks to the floor manager Dave on the Lorraine show....he was garjus....He could manage me on the floor any day....Now there were a couple of shocks....the biggest being past telly royalty Baroness Judith Chalmers....if there was ever an advert for not sitting in the sun it's Jude....she looked a bit shell shocked when I took this picture.....she was wandering the corridor askin if anyone had seen Lesley Crowther.....I didn't have the heart to tell her he was deeseesed....she was last seen wanderin across the Family Fortchoons stewdio.....Vernon didn't see her, he was too busy sendin mucky texts....look away if you are easily shocked....this isn't how you will remember TV legend Judith Chalmers....

Another person who was lovely was Aled snowman Jones....him an all that church stuff is a cover....he's a derty get....some of the jokes he told were blue as yer like....he couldn't take his eyes off me I aint talkin ribs!!!! Got a bit emarrassin when he grabbed me leggins....I said 'Aled what are you doin' he sang back to me 'I wanna go below below below'..... I was outta stewdio 3 before you could say 'Ave Maria''s the little minx! He was lovely tho!....
I nipped to the stewdio cafe for a light I was ushered into the Loose Women stewdio or Baggy Birds dependin on who is on the panel....That was a great show.....Brian Connlley was n him have histree....also Jean Kristal Nobelly....the famus sheff....I tell you what....he's dyed to a cross between Cher and David Guest!....after that show I was back in the stewdio cafe when I bumped into the garjus garjus Stephen Mulhern!!! He was the perfect gent.....offered me a bite of his sossige roll....he was coverin for Paul O'Grady....what a great job he did too.....then before I knew it it was time to hit the Virgin Pedalo back up North.....end of a great's lovely Lorraine interviewing the Feeling....I wouldn't mind feeling a couple of the Feeling....Lucky lady....

 Did a couple of days back at Pound Paradise an I got a messige from the lovely Fern Britton saying she was coming up to Liverpool to film 'Fern Meets' at the Hanglican catheedral, so we made arrangements to hook up for a bit of Communyon wine an a few nibbles (dry bread) why I didn't learn from going to see Lorraine I don't know, but I asked the head gay to come along....big those who heard the interview with Fern will know she borrows me clothes from time to time....well she was due to return a few bits....not least me Timmy Shoos! Just gettin ready to leave nipped to powder me nose for a photo.....Again....Fern's fecked off an the gay has gegged in yet least I got me Timmys back an she was runnin stockin feet to Lime Street.....she was a charmer tho.....we talked about life an Phil's was lovely an crismassy at the catheedral....even tho I didn't get me picture here's head gay n Fern....Raging!

If you haven't heard Bev chatting to Fern Britton here's the link -

Christmas is just around the corner....I hav bin bizzy switchin on Christmas lights....I'm free to switch yours on's me hard at work at Mrs Noreen Jones house....takes it out of me all this Pee Arr stuff....duz me bum look big in that??
Talking Christmas Friday I was off to Preston for the Katy Holmes Christmas Ball at Barton Grange....what a crackin night.....I danced the night away....I even wore me best intimayte wear

The venew was was very christmassy and special....just how Katy would've liked it.

Surprise surprise my table was named the naughty table...Im sayin nothin........

The best thing about stayin in hotels for me is everythink is Komplimentree!!! No komplimentree kettle n cups at this hotel...but hey....every clowd has a silver linin....I got a new was Komplimentree............. 


I'm eggzorsted writin's been a hell of a week....but it didn't stop back to the Wirral...aired me Charlie on the beach then it was off to meet an inspirayshonal lady who is embarking on a major challinge.... Sarah's Challenge! See link below! Sarah Green asked me to attend a charity head! I was nervous for her - but she did it! Here's me and Sarah before and me getting her robed up....clock the leopard print!!!! 
Big countdown to 'Chop Off' and that was it!

Here is the lovely laydee after the event....still looking as garjus and determined - here is the link to Sarah's Challenge -
Well that's about it from me for now!! Don't forget me Logsite is up an runnin now....and if you haven't already got your tickets for the Russell Watson concert for Katy Holmes on 6th December then what are you waiting for?? See youz all soon....
Love Bev

No matter how ill you are feeling stay away from Holby Hospital!!!! This man murdered Sooneeta! How can he run a hospital.....Mmmm on second thoughts!!!!!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bev takes the Plunge...

Sweet baby yazu.....can you beleev its November already....Oktober flew by.....Halloween was a hoot.....I left me make up off that day as you can supervizer Fat Sue Wiv the Smart car waznt happy......I woz taken off me till an put on a stock take....and did I take some feminin hi jean cabinet needed a refill....Jumping ahead I was asked to launch the local firework display 'Sparks In The Park' I woz told it would involve thrustin down on a large tool....well who would refuse an offer like that......turns out it wasn't the tool I was expectin.....all good fun tho.....
I arrived at Meols Park an was ushered to the VIP sweet - otherwise known as a tent....I was kwickly plied wiv a bucket or 2 of Mullered Wine to ease the pain of not avin a Winny Bay Go!!! I thort - 'Rustie Lee wouldn't have put up with a tent' Pain eased I was usherd over to av me picture taken wiv a few of the hundred of folk who had turned up......first up a lovely family who thrust their children forward.....before I could say 'Far La' they were off to the pub and I was left wiv 2 mini Bevettes to entertayn.....they dragged me on the waltzerz.....not a good idea after a bucket of Mullered wine.....they loved it....I was about to chuck up as you can see....
That was until I remembered my cure all was in me handbag....I'd gotten thru sekurity wiv a bottle of the nectar of me life....few swigs of that and I was feelin fine n dandy....what a difference a swig makes.....the colour came back to me cheeks and I was hot to trot again....
I handed the kids over to the Red Cross for them to look after.....I was buzzin after me Lambrini I went....first stop was the clown ride.....bit embarrassin as me arse wouldn't fit in the seat.....managed to blag it tho.....big mistake.....before I knew it I was 100 feet up, legs akimbo givin the residents of Meols an surroundin areas a clear view right up the Royal Macca Hoop!!! Worst still it was right next to a tree an I woz worried me locks would get stuck up the Old Oak Tree....
Before I knew it it was time to be ushered over to the VIP plunger.....had a chat to the crowds then it was full thrust down and the sparks really did just a flash I lit up the sky....
A huge thanks to Roy and the whole team from Meols Park for asking me to do the VIP was a real honour....Incredible Edibles of Hoylake provided some lovely pumpkin soup and other nibbles....the Mullered Wine was appreciated too...You can follow the park on Twitter @MeolsPark Incredible Edibles have a page on Facebook too...have a look and 'Like' Big thanks to James Dmitri Matthews for the fab pics - you are a star!!



I have been invited back to 92.1FM 7Waves Radio to join Adam Siddorn on 6th November...It will be a mixture of music, TV gossip and celeb interviews!
I'm so pleased and honoured to say a fave of mine Fern Britton is going to be chattin to me live on the show!!! Excited muchly....please choon in to 92.1FM between 9-10pm Weds 6th Nov
If you are not in listening area you can listen online

My new website went live yesterday - it's work in progress but go and have a look! Will be adding more pages - soon you can dress Bev, buy Macca merchandise and much much more! You can keep up with me charity work and find out how you can help them too! You can even contact me via email or on me confidenshal (ish) hotline too.....
See yerz all soon.....
 Lotsa Love

OK.............maybe there was more than just one bang that night! Laterz! 


Monday, 14 October 2013

Prawn Ring N Bling...

 As the song goes....Oh What A Night...can't beleev it was a year since our last event....but this year you buffed yer ring and donned some was An Evening With Beverly Macca 'Prawn Ring N Bling' in aid of Katy Holmes Trust...

The evenin started off in me posh dressin room....even had toilet there's a trusty Bevlar security were on hand to keep me moist....toppin me up at every make up artist arrived and before I knew it I woz wisked up thru the fire exit ready to meet me pubic...........Public....damn prediktiv text...a quick run thru of me set and the doors flew open an everyone waz on their feet for me theem choon Agadoo............

Nice to see the lady on the left put her teeth in for the night.....NOT....bless....crackin turnout and I think there were a few shocked faces when I appeared in a frock an not me leggins!! That didn't last long...with one click of me fingers I was bare arsed in the choon of 'You don't have to take your clothes off' kertsee of Mike Shepherd from Dancefloor Dreams lovely security guys had me back in the 3 L's....Leggins Lycra n please DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SCREENS - this next picture is NOT Katherine Jenkins....

Easy mistake to make....Russell Watson would find it hard to tell us apart....or with me in the frame he might just find it hard!....anyway I I said, me boys had me stripped down..

Now the night did have an 80's theem to it so I pushed out the boat an added some 80's gear...Eyereen Kara eat yer heart out.....

Then it was on with the night....bit of banter wiv the lovely Bevettes and then on to Bev's Bingo....Bingo with a what makes me laugh in a game of bingo is that when I say 'All the 4s' doesn't necesserrilly mean 44 - that's the twist.....but you should hear the feckers shoutin, tuttin and abusin me......for fucks sake....yer playin for a packet of feminin wipes an a pregnancy test......I love do they deep down.....I chowze the hunkiest man there to shake his balls for the bingo....the garjus Chris Whiteley.....known in these parts as Twice Nightly of us to follow.....I turned me back for one minit then there before me were visions of lovelyness....Bevette bloody good do they look....they are the Katy Husky Huddle who do great work for the charity along with their bewtiful husky doggies....they were amazing!...

The other side of the room was the 80's mob....they looked fab....I thought the lead singer of Kiss was Bonnie Tyler coz he had the same hair do....great Boy George too....As the disco fired up so the floor can't beat an 80's disco....even tho I am a ikkle too young to remember that era....

Now for the great news...our evening raised £1300 for the Katy Holmes Trust which added to the £1096 raised doing me mobility scooter ride in Preston with Dave Holmes, Jeff Banks and the team who were on root to Landsend give a total of £2396.00 in the last 2 months.... I'd like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of those who constantly support me and the charity....without you guys none of this would be possible....let's keep the momentum goin and I'll get plannin the next event.....we can help make a difference to brain tumour doesn't matter where you live, any 1 of us could be remember to share your experience of the Katy Holmes below to the website....

A special thanks to all those who donated prizes too
Masato Studio London
Trendy Pooches Hoylake
Radio City Liverpool
Thornton Hall Spa Wirral
Pure Floral Design Wirral/Liverpool
Portrait House Restaurant Hoylake
Sunhouse Tanning Salon Hoylake
Coronation Street
Marco's Hoylake
Front Room Boutique West Kirby
Liverpool Football Club
Ambience Salon Hoylake
Gusto Heswall
Scoggs West Kirby
Hard Days Night Hotel Liverpool
Revitalaser Wirral
Thanks guys....see you soon!
For the full photo album from the night kertesee of James Dmitri Matthews click below

For more details about the Katy Holmes Trust click below

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Just a quickie...

well I'll start by showin yer the clip of me on Big Brother's Bit on the Side....wat a laff that was....they got us twunted then ushered us into the stewdio....I'll be on the next series....that's wat the lovely Stephen said anyway......I've been rushed off me cankles gettin ready for the next big event... An Evening With Beverly Macca 'Prawn Ring N Bling' preps going ded's gonna be a nite to remember with our fab Dancefloor Dreams 80's disco after I've dun me bit.....hoping to raise more for I'll let you know how it goes....on a serious note it's all off with me N Kevin Kawasaki..............I know what yer all thinkin....he's bin good to nite in shinin armour for the Pound Paradise awards......but he's gone below the sanitary belt......Here's what I had to drive past today..............
Can I put my side akross.....I do NOT have 8 nipples......coz of me colouring I suffer from skin tags....and that is exactly what they are.....SKIN TAGS not Nipples....he's a nob.....and I can tell you now his nickname was 2 strokes I'm offishally back on the market.....if yer'v got any nice mates for me let me know..........I always thort he was a bit odd.....I was only ever allowed to kiss his helmet.......He was like Ed Millerband with the longest cold in histree....he had the longest bowt of coldsores ever...............Right....time for me bed.....I'll give yerz a more in depth entree soon.....Oh before I sine off......can we chat about that Downtown Abbey....
Last week I'd said it was like House Of Elliott without the sewing......this week it's more Acorn Antiques without the Macaroons.........and the filth...... yerv got Hairy Mary wantin to be shown the lower quarters....and don't get me started on Master Bates...........I'm just waitin for Miss Babs or Miss Berta to show nite all....catch yerz soon....

Lotsa Love 

Pee Ess
Can't go without talking about X Factor....Louis has got the boys....funny that....he's not been able to stand up for the last 2 shows....huge lob on....I can't believe he got rid of the Spanish hung hart is pinin forhim already......rite....I'm off.....