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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Snatch..Cackle N Pop for Breakfast...

Well just over a week to go until we say 'Goodbye 7Waves' and 'Good Morning Wirral Radio' mixed emowshons...7Waves have been a great frend and given me opporchoonitys...Wirral Radio are doin the same and I'm ded grateful and want to share in their sucksess...As you know I've worked with the lovely Adam Siddorn on his show doin me showbiz news n Sleb interviews...Wirral Radio have taken a bold step and given me a slot on the new Wirral Radio Breakfast Show - can you imagine....Breakfast time will never be the same again....John Storey, Neil (Nella) Newton and me The Bevlar..... Snatch, Cackle N Pop - you can decide who's who....How am I gonna cope with them early mornings? I wake up with sticky stuff in me eyes from the night before as it is....and they want me on the road in the Wirral Rover...I'll be on a street corner near you before you can say Prawn Ring...and with a youneek game for you to play...

Slite I rinse me tites n leggings the night before or on the morning of the show? That way I can blow dry them while dryin me hoop....lovely Lorraine Kelly just tweeted some advice as did Aled Jones....2 people who I'll be chattin to on Midweek Macca - more about that later....we've got some great guests lines up including legend Sherrie Hewson, Wendi Peters (Cilla from Corrie) and talking soaps the queen of soaps from ITV's This Morning Sharon another link up to Hollywood to chat to Good Morning Britain's Ross King...lots more to choon yer dials to 92.1FM or listen online on the new logsite

And best of all you can get us on DAB!!! How posh is knew me when I only had an outside shitter...So you don't need to be on the Wirral to choon in....I'll leave you with a pic of me and me boyz...this is me doin Traffic N Travel a la's gonna be fun....tell yer mates and get choonin in from 16th June at 8am... We Are Wirral.... See you there.

Lotsa Love