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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Wiked or Wiki?

Well who'd hav thunk it....apparentlee I've made it on to Wikipedia, some say I should be on another page called 'WickedPedia' Take a look - 

So Adele has helped bring back the flip phone! Let me tell you I've never got rid of me flip phone....and I don't use mine to stalk boyfriends for 42 years's over! He's moved on, can't you? Don't get me wrong, I adore Adele and her music. Just wanted to put the record straight on the phone!

Great to hear costewm dramas are back. Shame about Downton Abbey having finished, mind you I sat through it every week and never once did they play Petula Clark's song! Take a look at the picture above....I reckon I could do a costewm drama, do you? 

Right, it's Satdee and I've got to go and get ready for me show tonight. Hope youz can join me, there's no reason why not. You can tune in to 92.1FM find us on DAB download the FREE app or you can listen online from anywhere in the whole wide werld!

Here's a behind the scenes look at me stewdio gettin prepped for me show! 

And if you haven't had the tour of Wirral Radio then here it is again.

Have a great weekend. 
Love Bev

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Dee Wun in the Big Brother house........Yes, it's back! The one we've all bin waytin for, this years line up looks like a good one! I'm going to be backing Chris Maloney, why you may ask. Admittedly I didn't know much about Chris and wasn't sure as I like many read the stories, but as we all know NEVER believe what you read in the press. I've seen how stories can be twisted first hand when an interview I did with the lovely Fern Britton was taken, twisted and printed. So I learnt the hard way. So I say to you, why are you booing Chris? Do you know him? We all deserve a second chance and Chris is no different. I've got to know Chris and hopefully you will see he isn't the ogre folk have made him out to be.

So, slate clean let's enjoy this new series and not take it all too seriously. Here's an interview I did with Chris recently. Couldn't publish the full interview, it was such a giggle and shows Chirs is up for a laugh too, not the prima donna some would like you to believe.

Well it's time for CBBBOTS too. Here's me giving the garjus Emma Willis some bewty tips. She took them too!

Poor Rylan and Lional didn't know what had hit them when I got on the fone with a question. I think the look of shock says it all! 

Love Bev