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Monday, 4 May 2015

Merry Christmas...

Yes, you heard me korrecktly.....Merry April! It was all for a good cause tho, Light Up Liscard on the Wirral. A campayn to get tight arses to put their hands in their pockets at Christmas so they can have a decent tree and stuff. Last years was voted 4th worst in the world and it made the press! Hopefully this year won't be the same. Here's my little star of the day, this lovely princess has a terminal illness and he one joy in life is Christmas. Her face when it all kicked off was a picture.
Another face that speaks a thousand words...this little boy's delight as the snow started and the firework display began. Pictured with Wirral Radio's CEO Mr John Storey.
Can't believe we are into May already....where is the year going? Great to have a couple of Bank Holidays this month.
Amazin party last night for David Beckham's 40th......wasn't allowed to say anything about me going....Tor looked stunning.....she was throwin up a bit of lettuce she'd eaten by 9.... David had his Nintendo taken off him by his mum for bein unsociable and not eatin his jellys....Mel B was bare arsed by 10 and chasin Emma Bunton round the garden shoutin 'Yer minge teasin Bastard' Mel C was heard talkin loudly on her phone to Sports Direct about tracky bottoms delivery.
There was a bit of a mix up with me invitation as it didn't actually get delivered.....but I had a crackin view from the back of the Soho Social Club..... Here's a couple of pictures from the night. #DB40

Wirral Radio update - I'm doin the breakfast show full time now, so yerz can catch me from 7am every morning with me boyz John Storey and Eye candy Kenyon. Remember to catch me Satdee night show too. Bev's Big Night Out #BBNO
You can have a behind the scenes tour of the stewdios here -
Before I go I must tell you about a great talent and a member of the family. Lol Roach, you'll be hearing more about him very soon! Here he is singing one of my fave songs in his own unique way. Go and give him a follow on Twitter too @lol_roach
Till next time, I'll leave you with this.

Congratulations to William & Kate on the birth of their daughter.