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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Onezie's In The Bin....

As Dame Elton of the John once sang... 'The gusset wore out long before, the legend ever did. You lived your life, now your Onezie's In The Bin'. On that note I have to announce the departure of me original leopard print onezie that I've had since day one of the Wirral Radio Breakfast Show has departed this earth. #RIPOnezie

On a lighter note I've been right bizzy, minglin with Royalty too! Well sort of, I was hostin the Wirral Diamond Awards at some gaff on the Wirral (not as flash as it makes out) and I was in the company of HRH Her worshipfullness, dame left lootennunt Lorna Muirhead. She's the one the queen sends out when she can't be arsed. O M G, she's lovely, her hubby was adorable too. I had to help her as she was tryin to chase a lychee around her plate, I showed her how to gobble it whole without using cuttleree! Here's me and Lozza doin a selfie! #royalselfie

All the local WAGs were there too, me fave is the Duchess of Dining Out Mandy Molby and her side kick the fab Trudi With An i.... They both do so much to help others, it's a privali...privelid.... it's ded ded good to know them! He we are channelin Charlie's Angels, more Bobs Birds!

Well there's no show without punch.....and Judy! It's me and me boys John and Ian from the breakfast show! We scrub up well don't we! I won't share the after picture! 

After me latest trip to London to film the new series of Crafty Beggars In The House I can confirm the transmission is June! So just a few weeks to go until you see me getting trollied poolside with me angels Wendy Turner Webster and Julie Peasgood. If you pick up a copy of  Crafts Beautiful you can read all about it, and what I got up to too. 

Also I've just finished filming the new pilot sitcom Extra Extra. Had a ball with David, Thomas, Claire and Michael. I'll keep you posted when there's more news on that! Here we are on set. 

Check out the size of Thomas's furry Boom!

Right, that's it for now. Remember me new logsite is up and running! All the latest news and gossip, plus links to me Twitter too. 

Bev XX

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