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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Peter Pan Pantomime 2017

Peter Pan Epstein Theatre Liverpool

I’m a big fan of the Epstein Theatre, despite being small it still offers the feel, atmosphere and grandeur of larger theatres.

Peter Pan was a great pantomime, the sets were good and the effects impressive. A great script too. The evening I was in, the audience were a perfect panto bunch. Great interaction from the children and the adults, particularly the lady behind me whose son asked her to be quiet despite her only crime being shouting back at the cast.

The cast were a great mix, I got the feeling they really were one big happy panto family. They seemed to be really enjoying the show and the audience interaction. Dane Bowers played a great Captain Hook, unchanged since his days in boy band Another Level. The ever young Claire Simmo played a wonderful Tinkerbell, she looked so fairy like and dainty even dangling from the dizzy heights of the stage. Lewis Pryor was a bubbly and enthusiastic Peter Pan, his youthful looks adding to the magic of the role. Chris Barton bounced around the stage like a whirling dervish as Smee, the children loved his entrance as did many of the adults! One of my favourite characters was the Dame played by Michael Chapman. The innuendo was not lost on the adult audience, one of my favourite lines was the Dame’s offer of helping Dane to knock one out (a new single). Wendy’s character was played well by Joanne Harper with a powerful voice too.

I would definately recommend this pantomime, it was a fun filled feel good couple of hours. Well done to LHK Productions.
Epstein Theatre Liverpool. 8th December – 1st January. 

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