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Friday, 2 December 2011

Gym I'd rather Jim...

now sum of yerz mite av herd abowt me little incident wiv a motorchair...don't beleev all yer hear coz it aint true...i 'BORROWED' it like i have for the last year an she never new any diffrence...she always takes a Nana Nap at 2-4 but she was avin a dump in her outside shitter yesterday an heard me takin it out the yard round the back...well considerin she needs a bleedin motor chair she was like shit off a shuvel out that front door. i needed it more than ever yesterday coz i had me Jim induckshon day...what a crock of shite that waz... its not for me...av a watch of this - 

i did a scratchy card the other day an won an induckshon day at a new Jim that's opened...well i went yesterday...never agen...she was like a gastapo woman...screamin at me...i was parched lucky i took me lambrini to keep hi drayted...i collapsed at the end...she said same time next week can gess wat me anser was... 'SHIT OFF'...av a look at these pics and the video...laterz...

 here is the video of me tortchure -  

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