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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bradford balls up...

well... yesterday started off ok an got a call from Mike Hunt at hed offise askin if i cud go to our store in Bradford to introduce me Far La and show them how to promote it coz of the record interest in my Far La... it should hav bin today n tmrw stayin in a ded posh hotel called the Travel Lodge... i had planned to take all the shampoos n shower gels an me free shower cap.. i woz so ecksited.... got up early packed me little wheelie bag an got the taxi over.

one thing that stuck in me mind waz Mike Hunt sayin to dress appropriately... so i did sum readin up on Bradford coz i thort it waz abrord somewhere... i found out there is a large asian community so i nipped to Bhaldev Bazaar an had a chat to him.. he woz ded helpful an told me about the kulture... he even lent me mrs Bs dress... got there ok an nipped in the back way to use the loo... got me bits together and came onto the shop floor.... well thay all burst out laffin!... i felt such a fool... i woz only tryin to be respektful... got taxi back... rang Mike an he said when he said dress appropriate he ment not one of me tight tops... wat a dipstik i am... here I am in the full kit... sad i didnt get to see the ded posh Travel Lodge Hotel... maybe one day... laterz...


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