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Sunday, 6 November 2011

from Dawn to Dawn...

well bommy night waz fab... great show n nite out... apart from gettin twatted by a roman candle that fell over... i'm gonna try for compo... yer never now... had me usual Sunday home communyon witch got me whistle wet... that was gone in no time.. ended up nippin to Bargain Booze... spent me last £10 on a bottle of crem de menth an dropped that fucker on the way home... well i think the sweet baby yazu waz on me side coz i came back via up there arses avenue an heard muzik n saw a side gate opened... i went in... before i now it i'm bein hugged n kissed by all these strangers... all kept sayin 'we are so sorry for your loss' i thought they must have seen me drop me bottle coz that was the only loss i had had... then they start callin me Dawn... happy days coz they ended up feedin me food n drink for hours... didn't last long... fuckin Dawn turned up... turns out she had lost her husband after just movin the area... i ended up in the friggin ice cold pond tryin to avoid goin thru the big white tent were the party was... tryin to keep me Timmy Shoos dry an the stash of vol o vonts n booze i'd nicked..... saw Dawn, she was very pretty, slim and classy lookin so i can see how they made the mistake... here's the pond i was in... i waz gonna nick a fish to do in batter wen I got home... laterz...

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  1. Poor Bev . hope you're warm and dry now love ..xx